Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 years ago today

So, this blog is usually reserved for my bitching about being pregnant.. Today though I thought I would be a decent human and blog about something important. Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! If you don't want to read a mushy post that is probably just rambling, then I would stop now.

10 years ago today I married my high school sweatheart. We were young. I was 19, he was 20. We weren't pregnant, I didn't need a green card, he wasn't shipping away to a war, we just wanted to get married. Our parents (well, mostly his), didn't really agree. Kids don't get married, they experience life, they go to college and have lots of fun and drink and don't settle down with just one person so soon. Well, that wasn't our plan. I can honestly say that from the day I met Mike I have never, ever wanted to spend one day apart from him. I mean, I can and I will, but he is always on my mind. Not all creepy Fatal Attraction like, but more like with him, I feel comfortable, I feel myself, I can be me and he can be him and we just work. I don't ever think of a life without him. I don't cry a lot, but show me an elderly person who just lost their spouse after 70 years of marriage and I am on the floor in tears. Why? Because I know we are only human and our time on this earth is limited, but living without Mike is something I never want to experience. I don't care if we are 90 and spent 74 years of our lives together, it wouldn't of been enough. There is a comfort in our relationship that I hope everyone can experience. I know him better than I know anything and he knows me better than I know myself. He has also changed me. I am who I am today only because of him and I will be even better tomorrow because of him. For anyone who says you can't find your soul mate at 16 - I did...


We have been through heaven and hell together, you have been awful to me and I have been awful back, we have been really poor (remember when I tried to pawn my ring :)) and we have been really successful, we have 2.48 kids, we have made good and bad decisions (sometimes all at once), but what really matters more than our bank account or our house or even if our kids turn out to be decent (we should still work on that though) is that I have you by my side. I take your hand and don't say a word and you squeeze it hard and I know that I am safe, that I am surrounded by your love and that we started a journey when I was 16 years old that I hope never ends. I know that my life is what it is because of you and our silly love and I wouldn't trade it for anything. You are my constant, you are my everything. I wouldn't even trade you for David Beckham. I could spend all day talking about us, but I have to make breakfast now, so just remember that these past 10 (really 13) years have been wonderful. You are stuck with me. I will try to look good in a bathing suit again one day and you just keep wearing your hat backwards and we will grow old by the ocean together. I love you. Elizabeth

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A rant or two..

Yes, I did say I was going to update this blog a few times a week... Yes, I am still pregnant. No, I am not going to catch you up on the last 2 months. They weren't very exciting, just me being miserable and sick.

Now. A list...

What I miss about being not pregnant:
1. My jeans - I don't have great clothes, but I have great jeans. I know it is ridiculous, but I look forward to fall like you wouldn't believe. Jeans and heels and cute shirts. There is nothing better. Now, I have one pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy and a stubborn streak in me that won't let me buy any jeans unless they are of the premium kind. Mike won't allow me to spend money on the nice maternity jeans. Bastard.

2. Alcohol - I am not an alcoholic. I do though enjoy a glass of wine or a vodka every now and then. I most enjoy it when out with Mike for dinner. There is something awful about ordering a Shirley Temple when all the other adults order crown and cokes. Call me selfish, it's OK. I am. I won't drink when I am pregnant, but I can miss it!

Is it bad that these are the two things I miss the most? I mean, I miss a lot of other things too, like sushi, sleeping on my stomach and playing with my kids more, but the jeans and wine take the top spots this week. Especially since my 10th wedding anniversary is in 2 days and I can’t look hot in jeans or drink to the memories with my dear husband…

What I hate when I am pregnant:

1. Non-pregnant people - All of you. I don't care if you are my best friend. I hate you right now.

2. Skinny pictures of me - Especially if I am wearing my nice jeans or holding a drink.

3. People who are overly excited around pregnant people - Really, stop giggling and staring at my stomach, I promise it is less baby and mostly fat at this point. Yes, I am pregnant. I know, a shocker, now, can we get back to our day?

4. My mother - Now, I don't really hate her, but she has the energy of a f-ing bat on speed and it gets on my nerves. I used to be that person damn it! I used to be able to do laundry and grocery shop all in one day. She makes me feel like a lazy slug. She does help out though which negates most of the resentment, but still, must she wake up at 4:00 am and talk so fast?

5. My inability to get Botox - I have never had botox, but I think I need it. I am terrified that this 9 month hiatus from beauty routines will set me back so far on the anti-aging front that I will look 40 by next March. I am obsessed with Botox. I am sure I need it. I hate wanting something I can't have.

6. Vacations – See, I love to vacation. LOVE IT. I was going to learn to ski in Tahoe this winter and scuba dive in the Caribbean this spring. I had plans. Now, I am going to take the kids on the Polar Express train this winter and birth a child this spring. Sure, that will all be fun, but between scuba diving and birthing a child, I sometimes think Scuba wins. I mean scuba has to be less painful and not as messy, right?

7. Sleeping – Because it doesn’t happen. Unless it is at 11:00 AM on a Saturday when I need to be up being a mom.

8. Did I already say non pregnant people?

I know.... Small sacrifices for a bringing a life into this world, but see, I already have 2 kids and while they are great, they don't appreciate all I went through to get them here. They don't care I couldn't wear my cool jeans for 9 months or that I still looked pregnant for 6 months after they were born. They care about new baseball cleats and if I will give in and buy them lucky charms. Never once has Ryan came to me and thanked me for giving up red wine for 9 months nor has Reed grabbed my hand and told me I look good in maternity wear. I know they love me and they are good little kids and I am thankful each day for them, but honestly, I can't wait for March and a glass of wine while Scuba Diving in my William Rast premium denim. :)